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Zen Baseballbat are back refreshed with a more daredevil sound with a mass of reggae dub overtones mixed with New Wave electronic pulses. You’ll notice a vocal clarity that goes well beyond that of the band’s earlier albums.

This band will take you through a whole gamut of emotions, lifting you up when you least expect it, at other times provoking anger, sadness, determination and the desire to stand up and be counted, as we enter yet another phase of vilifying the wrong enemy, while the real one who’s out of the public eye gets away scot-free.


The new album, titled BETTER WAYS TO LOVE AND OFFEND perfectly highlights the emptiness of the particularly British obsession with price, within a mindset that knows the cost of everything and the value of nothing. Adorable song brimming with irony, presented through the lens of the unique Gleavey sense of humour.


The mocking words represent what is justice to some, deliver poignant messages in tracks about a society

that’s a lot more than one frame out of sync.


The New Album

Buy the CD version in a 12cm disc format presented in a printed metal tin, including a foam insert to keep your CD protected. Released on Stahl 42 Records

Ltd 12 inch vinyl version edition is released on Happy People Records


Zen Baseballbat's 4th album is a fantastic, forward thinking blend of new wave sounds fused onto their ska and reggae scaffolding. The likes of the B-52s, The Beat, The Specials, Yello, The Fall and Human League all play their part, while their Mancurian roots & influences remain undeniable throughout.

Or as the band themselves describe it... "a slap in the face, a wake-up call to rip us from the stasis we’ve ghosted into since recession and Brexit took hold. Can’t go forward, can’t go back so we might as well just sit and watch the bombs fall."

Only 300 copies of the LP are being pressed (100 on coloured vinyl and 200 on black). All numbered.

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Reimagined versions album

Buy the CD version in a 12cm disc format presented in a printed metal tin, including a foam insert to keep your CD protected. Packaged in a bespoke envelope with an A5 booklet for the lyrics. Released on Stahl 42 Records


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