Zen Baseballbat are back refreshed with a more daredevil sound with a mass of reggae dub overtones mixed with New Wave electronic pulses. You’ll notice a vocal clarity that goes well beyond that of the band’s earlier albums.

This band will take you through a whole gamut of emotions, lifting you up when you least expect it, at other times provoking anger, sadness, determination and the desire to stand up and be counted, as we enter yet another phase of vilifying the wrong enemy, while the real one who’s out of the public eye gets away scot-free.

The new material perfectly highlights the emptiness of the particularly British obsession with price, within a mindset that knows the cost of everything and the value of nothing. Adorable song briming with irony, presented through the lens of the unique Gleavey sense of humour. The mocking words represent what is justice to some, deliver poignant messages in tracks about a society that’s a lot more than one frame out of sync.


August 14             The Flair Witch Project, Bank Top Tavern, Oldham (info)

August 15             The Grayston Unity, Halifax (info)

September 3,4,5   Mach Ska and Punk Festival, Machynlleth, Powys, Wales 

October 15           The Parish, Huddersfield (with Random Hand) (info)

October 22           The Brindley, Runcorn 

November 7          The Specialized Project, Parkdean Holiday Park, Poole, Dorset (info)